7 Painting Tips for a Fabulous Looking Bedroom

Here are some of the best seven painting tips for a fabulous looking bedroom from Orlando Handyman. Bedroom painting is one of the easiest and most economical ways to spruce up the atmosphere of a home without all of the complications that some of the other types of renovations can come with.

panting tips for bedroom

There are times when a room might just be calling for another color so that a place that had been lived in gets new life, or it is also a very common way to prepare a home for sale.

There are a good number of tips which can have the paint looking professional, and following some of these will lead to a nice paint job.


1. Preparation Is Key
One of the things which can hinder a paint job is any dirt or imperfections on a wall that will keep the paint from adhering properly and evenly. The walls should be cleaned of any residual dust, dirt, and oil. The common vacuum cleaner and towel with water and soap should be sufficient for most surfaces. Then, use some fine grit sandpaper in order to eliminate any imperfections that are found and dust again.


2. Safeguard The Room
Painting can sometimes be slightly messy due to drips and the like falling onto the carpet or paint from one area getting onto adjacent walls and ceiling areas. Painter’s tape is used to mask the walls so that none of one coat makes it where it is not supposed to be. Also, furniture should be moved and the drop clothes (perhaps sheets) can be laid down to cover things.


3. Cutting and Primer Before Paint
A quality primer should be used in order to cut (aka outline) the areas of the room. Do a wall at a time so that the entire surface can be done after cutting in order to avoid any issues with coats blending or sheen.


4. The Secret Is In The Tools
The ability to get the best look is in the tools and the paint that is purchased for the job. Use a rollover cover with a short nap that is graded as professional so that just the right amount of paint is released for the job.


5. Technique For A Smooth Finish
The wall or area should be painted in one direction, either horizontally or vertically, in order to get a smooth finish. The direction can be alternated between coats with 3 being a good number in order to fill any gaps and have things looking good.


6. Paint An Accent While For A Different Look
A wall painted a different color can liven up the bedroom, and so it is a unique way to change the feel of a place. Look into warm color theory and cool color theory in order to determine a paint that will complement what it is adjacent to. It is all in the palette.


7. Petroleum Jelly To Avoid Accidents
Sometimes paint might get onto things that make the room look less professional or tacky. Use some petroleum jelly on things like hinges and door handles so that this will not happen.